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The Toronto Initiative for Diversity and Excellence (TIDE) is a grassroots service group consisting of University of Toronto (U of T) faculty members from across disciplines who volunteer their time to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion at the university. Founded in 2016, TIDE provides free, evidence-informed workshops and seminars to the U of T community, and shares resources and promising practices for inclusion. With a focus on how varied challenges to inclusion can negatively impact equity-deserving groups in the academic context, TIDE provides recommendations on practical actions that aim to mitigate and overcome these barriers. TIDE’s sessions cover various aspects of departmental culture and the academic career arc, and are customized to capture the issues most pressing in a given unit. TIDE also provides confidential counsel to academic leaders, staff units, and administrators.

TIDE gratefully acknowledges administrative support from the offices of the Vice President & Provost U of T and the Vice Principal Academic and Dean, University of Toronto Scarborough.

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